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The Yorkshire based singer songwriter’s passion for music has brought her many opportunities to showcase her talent. Starting out as a songwriter and vocalist, Lily has since taught herself piano and guitar which are now a core part of her compositions.

Since the August 2020 release of her debut single 'Leaving All My Love', Lily has acquired radio plays and interviews on stations such as BBC Introducing, Jorvik Radio, and more.


August 2020, saw Lily have her debut radio interview as 'Fresh Face' of the week on BBC Introducing West Yorkshire. Her second radio interview came in February 2021, as 'local artist of the week' on Jorvik radio's 'Drivetime' show. This entailed 'Leaving All My Love' being played everyday that week, and an in-depth, personal interview about Lily's musical career so far.

Her debut single Leaving All My Love in collaboration with 3RIC MCK3NNA is the perfect showcase of her singing and songwriting talents.


Lily’s new and latest release, Should've Known Better is a 2021 remake of the Monica classic U Should've Known Better. This collaborative project with 3RIC MCK3NNA, comes as a highly anticipated follow up track to ‘Leaving All My Love’.

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“Lily has a voice that conveys soul, passion, and honesty … the clarity of her intonation is very Carpenteresque … her songs are full of class and suggest a maturity in songwriting way beyond her years.” Bill Adamson – With Just A Hint Of Mayhem – 2019

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"Her branding, her image, everything about her is just so professional, ... really out there, ... a modern vibe."

- Rob Leatham - Jorvik Radio Drivetime interview - February 2021

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