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Lily’s latest release, 'Should've Known Better' is a 2021 remake of the Monica classic 'U Should've Known Better'. This collaborative project with 3RIC MCK3NNA, comes as a highly anticipated follow up track to ‘Leaving All My Love’.

Final cover art SKB .jpg

This 2021 remake of Monica’s classic, ‘U Should’ve Known Better’, is a lively piano house track bringing the song into the modern day. After discovering the original version, Lily decided that it would be a perfect song to flip from the original genre (R&B/Soul) into a House track. 

Lily’s debut single, 'Leaving All My Love' in collaboration with 3RIC MCK3NNA, is the perfect showcase of her singing and songwriting talents. The music video for 'Leaving All My Love', filmed and edited by Izzie Norwood, can be found below.

Released in August 2020, 'Leaving All My Love’ is a collaborative effort, combining House with catchy Pop vocals and melody. The lyrical content narrates an experience of realising that it’s time to leave your love for someone who isn't good for you. The overall message of the track is that although someone has been great for you, you’re allowed to move on and focus on your own best interests moving forward.

Leaving All My Love Cover Art.jpg

After its debut, and multiple spins on BBC Introducing West Yorkshire, Leaving All My Love has gone on gain over 70 thousand streams on Spotify. It has also had radio plays from stations such as Jorvik Radio and BBC Introducing.

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